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How does RentScore Plus rent protection work?


RentScore Plus includes our comprehensive Rent Protection Insurance that safeguards your rental income if your tenants can't or won't pay.

Our Rent Protection Insurance includes unpaid rent cover up to £15,000 per month, up to £100,000 worth of legal expenses cover, access to free legal advice, and 75% rent coverage post-eviction for up to 2 months.

Once your tenant has accrued one month's rent arrears, you can contact us to make a claim and recoup any unpaid rent. And best of all, there's no excess to pay when you need to make a claim.

There are a number of eligibility criteria that need to be met before we can agree to your Rent Protection Insurance. You can find out about our Rent Protection Insurance in more detail here: Rent Protection Insurance is a property marketplace that allows agents and individuals to list their homes to let and for sale for free. All landlords are verified to ensure that they own the property they are advertising with us.


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