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Why do you need to verify my identity for Rentscore?


We ask for your consent so that we can check your details in order to confirm your identity. So that we can do this, we compare your name, address and date of birth against electronic databases using our trusted verification partners.

If the details you have provided on your application match the records available to us, then we don’t need to ask you for any further details. If for any reason the information doesn’t match up, you should first make sure that the details you provided are correct and then get in touch with us directly on 0800 048 8910 or via email to

We also use a secure bank verification check to confirm that the bank account details you have provided are legitimate and are registered with a genuine UK bank account.

When we check your details, we do check against some credit databases, among many others. We never check your credit eligibility and our verification checks will not register on any database as a “credit check”. It will only register that we have checked your personal information and will not affect your credit rating or credit report in any way. is a property marketplace that allows agents and individuals to list their homes to let and for sale for free. All landlords are verified to ensure that they own the property they are advertising with us.

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